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The Chinese Society Of Education Training Center
To serve students, promote fair education and spread Chinese civilization.
Knowledge can change your fate and educational resources with high quality will turn your desire into reality.


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Welcome to The Chinese Society Of Education Training Center (12/25/2010)

Exchanges and Interaction between Chinese and Foreign Countries, Great experience and communication, Global view cultivation, Achievements more in the future.
Open a window for you to think about the world, Expand your horizon to observe the world.
The Opening Ceremony of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteering Program at Dingxiumeiquanxiaozhen started at 6:30 p.m. July 6, 2013. The program officer of Social Science and Humanities of UNESC...
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· [图文]Chinese and Austrian volunteers meet in Hallstatt for restau (07/23/2014)
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    About Us


    The Chinese Society of Education Training Center (Abbr. as CSETC) is devoted to building an international platform for the young talents with the close partnership with UNESCO Headquarter, CCIVS and the international youth organizations as those from France, USA, Mexico, Korea, etc,. CSETC International Youth Action Program began in 2007. CSETC offers the social practice opportunity in China as an international formal and non-formal education tool, which benefits both the national and international volunteers, the local young people as well as the local communities. Its wide influence has covered over 10 provinces and cities around China.

    Nowadays, CSETC also offers the social practice opportunity in USA and France, which is an enhancement of the process of internationalization of the whole world. CSETC encourages young people from all over the world positively to come together, strive to achieve the MDGs and make a difference to our world!

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    Keeping a foothold in China, CSETC responds positively to new challenges to education from global economic integration and economic globalization, devotes to the research and practice of the cultivation of international talents, speeding up the internationalized process of Chinese Youth and becoming pioneers and pacemakers of the elementary education and the cultivation of international talents.
    Our goals are to cultivate international talents who have international perspectives, know international rules and can participate in international policies, to make Chinese excellent students and high quality of Chinese elementary education be recognized by more and more world-famous universities, to show the strength of Chinese elementary education, to pave the way for growth with diversification of Chinese youth and to reserve main force for our dream of a strong nation in the new century.
    Since 2010, Ms. Yuan Aijun, the principal of CSETC, has built green channel to many American famous universities successively, including University of Chicago, The Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, twin cities. The green channel can help excellent students apply for the first-class universities, such as The University of Southern California, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution, New York University and University of Illinois, Champaign Campus. Ms. Yuan Aijun started “Principal Special Recommendation Plan”which is the further development of International Green Channel Program.

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